Friday, September 29, 2006

Kurt Cobain: The final sell-out

It's hard to even know where to start with the cover of David LaChaepelle's new book: Courtney Love posing with a Kurt-lookalike in a recreation of Mary and Jesus.

It's hard to say what's grinding our teeth the most: the whole "shouting 'poo' in church'" attempt to court controversey by going for a supposedly sacreligious theme, for all the world like it's 1995 and Madonna's making a Pepsi advert.

Or perhaps it's the attempts by Courtney to try and claim Mary's role in the Cobain hagiography - perhaps dressing as Pilate might have been witty, and self-aware, and defensible. But Mary? Talk about the girl who always needs to be the princess.

But, ultimately, what stinks the worst is the supposedly grieving widow digging up her husband's corpse (yet again) for a couple of minutes of buzz and the cover of coffee-table book. Why not just hire a stall and charge people a few quid for a ride on the body, Courtney?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is truly sacriledge. To violate both Jesus and his little brother, Kurt Cobain, in one whore blow.
Enough is enough!!! Can't wait to see who pays for this.

Anonymous said...

They also violated both Mary the mother of Jesus, but also Kurt's teenage friend whom he called his personal madonna. They had a pure and good friendship,( unlike courtney). They posed like that for kurt's mom when Kurt was about 6 or 7, on a white velvet couch. I was there and saw it, when they visited in Oregon. Did his mom give that author or courtney the idea??? I hope not.

Anonymous said...

well written, why don't they wipe courtney off the media scene? she is such a cheap nobody bimbo, in spite of the fact she lived in a state of sin-marriage with a much higher being who apparently fell and rolled in sewage like her.

Anonymous said...

Courtney Love new Kurt was on the edge of killing himself. She also new that the pressure of Kurt going to rehab would just be enough for him to go and kill himself. Courtney was hoping for this in a sick kind of way because she was about to be out of Kurts Will. She new Kurt was buckling from all this pressure. She really makes me sick. She did not help Kurt, she only yelled at me like a little kid. You call it tough love Courtney, I call it not really loving him at all. Maybe loving the money part of it, am I right Courtney? Yea, the truth hurts but I'm sure you still petend like it never happened. YOUR COLD AS ICE!

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