Friday, September 08, 2006

A Loftus Road wedding

There have been so many articles claiming to know where Pete Doherty is going to marry (or has already married) Kate Moss that the only places not so far nominated as likely venues are the Bolton Asda staff canteen and the top of Mount Fuji.

The Daily Mail claims that Doherty has a hankering to hold the reception in Loftus Road, home of his beloved Queens Park Rangers, but the club aren't keen. What with him having form for shooting up in the VIP toilets and everything.

If only there was a source to tell us more.

Hang on, there is:

A source said: "Both Pete and Kate want a quirky wedding, which is going to fit their personalities. They want a no frills wedding, just a simple day with their friends.

"Pete’s first love is QPR, and holding his big day there is something which he has always thought about.

"To him it would be a laugh — and that is what he and Kate want their nuptials to be about.

"They are an unlikely coupling but they have a lot of fun together."

Well, yes, Loftus Road does often ring to the sound of laughter, we understand.

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