Friday, September 08, 2006

Robbie Williams is not getting away with it

After taking quite a lot of bile from Robbie Williams over the years, it sounds like the latest smattering of attacks on his honesty has finally pushed Take That manager Nigel Martin-Smith over the edge.

As Robbie has been giving interviews explaining the song he's written in which he talks about cutting out Martin-Smith's eyes, and claiming that he either ripped off the band or was rubbish as a manager, Martin-Smith has been talking to his lawyers:

A highly-placed music insider tells us: "Robbie has called into question Nigel's honesty and ability as a manager when it's well-known that without him he wouldn't have a career in the first place. This has got to stop."

Funnily enough, Williams' interview with The Sun earlier this week in which he talked about Martin-Smith has disappeared from the paper's website.

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