Saturday, September 02, 2006


The always understanding Serge Pizzorno isn't impressed with Tom Chaplin out of Keane going into rehab. He simply doesn't believe Chaplin's addicted enough to need rehab at all:

The guy from Keane is a [we're guessing it was 'cunt']. He has probably had one line and all his minders are like 'oooh'.

"Fuck off. If he spent 10 minutes in this band he'd be in rehab.

"This guy is going, 'ooh everyone thinks we're fucking safe, I might go into rehab for a week and read a book.'

"If he spent a day in our band he'd be in a coffin, never mind rehab."

Yes, Serge. And if you wanted to read a book, you'd need someone to help.

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