Thursday, September 14, 2006

Robbie Williams is not getting the release he craves

Curiously, having had quite a few days to think about her report on the threat to the new Robbie Williams album now that Nigel Martin-Smith is suing him over Williams' allegations that his former manager is either "a theif or shit", Victoria Newton's Bizarre column has somehow forgotten that Williams expanded on those claims at great length in, erm, Victoria Newton's Bizarre column the other day. Perhaps it's that page's mysterious disappearance from the internet that has confused her.

Last week, she was reporting the song, and filling in the background in quite some detail, but today's reporting of the affair is couched in slightly more cautious terms:

The track charts Robbie’s years in TAKE THAT and he appears to make serious allegations about ex-boss NIGEL MARTIN-SMITH.

Those would be the allegations you printed in full in the paper last week, would they, Victoria?

Martin-Smith is calling for the track to be removed from the Rudebox album, which could throw plans for a late October release into a bit of a flap.

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