Friday, September 15, 2006

Russians elect to keep space pure

As Madonna spent the last week tying up Russian security services and hacking off the Russian church, it wasn't perhaps the best time for her name to be put forward for a jolly into space.

The Russians have decided they can do without her, the Parliament rejecting an idea to send her to the International Space Station. The idea came from Alexei Mitrofanov, who cheerfully admitted it was a stunt.

Yes, there was a time when the mere thought of a person - any person - breaking the bonds of gravity and walking beyond the atmosphere was astonishing enough to demand out attention. Now, it seems, space has become commonplace they think they need to throw a bottle-blonde in a pointy bra into the mix to keep our attention.

Plans to crash Britney Spears into an asteroid are still being considered.


eggzilla said...

wow I wish i'd thought of that idea first... send madonna where no one can hear her sing...

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, Mitrofanov is a pal of Yulia from Tatu.
And apparently he's written a book about them

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