Saturday, September 16, 2006

Is Jake Shears actually gay at all?

Wayne Rooney nakedWe ask because, although in the course of his interview with the Sun he seems to check all the boxes - mates with Elton ("he calls me Britney Shears"); Judy Garland namecheck ("some moments she’s off her trolley, but it’s beautiful") and the obscure pointless support for Madonna ("I think Hung Up is just the most ridiculously addictive song"). But then he starts oozing about Wayne Rooney:

“I think Wayne Rooney is totally hot — he’s so sexy.

“I don’t know anything about football. I know who DAVID BECKHAM is but I think Wayne is really, really cute — totally my cup of tea.

“Those World Cup ads with the England flag where Wayne’s half naked I thought, ‘Gosh you’re so hot!’

“I’d rather dance with him than his girlfriend anyway.”

Wayne Rooney? Wayne Rooney? Wayne "We wanna be Smiths' Crisps" Rooney? Just what sort of self-respecting gay man would fancy what is effectively an ambulatory potato?

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