Saturday, September 16, 2006

Robbie Williams is not acting on legal advice

Naturally, Robbie Williams' decision to sing his anti-Nigel Martin Smith song during his Milton Keynes Bowl dates isn't adding to any libel action, but, with 65,000 witnesses, could leave him open to that rare beast, a slander action that could stand up.

Williams introduced his song like this:

“Did you see a story in The Sun today about me?

“My former manager’s got a problem with a song on my album called The 90s.”

Robbie then rapped the lyrics [...] and asked: “What’s wrong with that?”

Well, seeing as you've already had legal warnings about the song, repeating the words in front of thousands of people - even Robbie Williams fans - would mean that if judgement does go against you in court, you'll find the penalty far stiffer than it would have been. Also, the song's not very good in the first place, the lyrics are childish and you can't rap, you cabaret-flavoured buffoon.

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