Saturday, September 16, 2006

Rod wants to go like Nicholas Van Whatisface

Rod Stewart doesn't want to be buried in some hole in the ground, thrown in like you might put a box of stolen cash awaiting Knuckles McGee's release from Wandsworth. That's not unusual, of course, as he's still alive. But he doesn't want to be buried when he's dead, either:

"Actually I don’t like the idea of being buried underground. I want to be above ground like Elvis at his house.

"I’d like a nice little mausoleum here in the garden. I’ll have to write to my MP about that."

Elvis has been buried above ground; it's also what Nicholas Van Hoogstraten sort-of wants, although his mausoleum is actually in the basement of his house. We don't know if that would count as underground for Rod's purposes.


Paul said...

Yay, Carter reference!

Anonymous said...

Really, the appalling old scrote ought to get stuffed, preferably displayed alongside Ron Wood.

CarsmileSteve said...

carter reference AND spinal tap (almost) reference!!!

too much fuckin perspective...

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