Monday, September 11, 2006

You're Havana laugh

The All Saints comeback is already going wrong, with The Appletons (who you'll recall spent the hiatus doing Appleton - last single made it to 38), Shaznay Lewis (54) and Melanie Blatt (78) throwing a strop and forcing their record label to scrap a videoshoot in Cuba. The reason?

Deep objections to offering support for the Castro regime through injecting money into the local economy at a time when he appears to be suggesting a handover of power based on a hereditary principle.

Oh, alright, then - they would have had to fly coach.

The video shoot was re-arranged for Bucharest; the performance needed by the comeback single was tightened up a couple of notches.

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Anonymous said...

Do the All Saints, with those set of impressive solo stats behind them, have the power to completely reorganise a video shoot, or does the record company press office, with a desperate need to drum up a bit of interest, have the power to make up a story and have the tabs swallow it? They probably could have chartered a jet for less than the cost of moving continents. I'm already interested in what the comeback's going to sound like, I don't need 'amateur hour in the pr dept' putting me off before I've heard anything. - Elvis

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