Wednesday, October 25, 2006

AllofMP3 stripped bare

The dubious and beleagured AllofMP3 may or may not be upset to discover that a shadowy organisation - MusicForMe - has cracked the DRM they've been putting on their 'free' service.

The cynics amongst you may wonder if it doesn't help AllofMP3's business for there to be a device which allows users to scoop up the music off their site - after all, they'll still make the advertising money while the tunes are hoovered up, and if some third party has made it easier for visitors to pinch the music, then that might make it easier to tempt people to try their service.

But, of course, that would be too cynical.

Meanwhile, a US company is - perhaps bravely - about to start licensing its code for reverse-engineering the Apple DRM. Although quite how Double Twist expects companies who pay it to effectively steal another company's intellectual property to not simply turn round and reverse engineer it for themselves, and if it would have any legal redress if it did, isn't clear.

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