Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The gap between headline and story

The headline:

My Chemical Romance get Madonna's help

The story:

How did My Chemical Romance get Liza Minelli onto their album?

Singer Gerard Way said: "We have discussed a woman forever but then I eventually I just did the woman's voice. I was like, 'It just seems like such a cop out.'

"He (Cavallo) said: 'Well, who do you want to get?' and I was like 'We should get Liza Minnelli. Why not?'

"(Cavallo) called Liz Rosenberg, who is her publicist, and got her to do it."

So... how, exactly, was Madonna involved? Admittedly, Rozenberg is also Madonna's publicist, but since she was working on Minelli's behalf, and was contacted by Rob Cavallo, Madonna has more to do with her "adopted son" than Minelli's appearance on a My Chemical Romance album.

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