Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Brian McFadden sniffles again

Friends - people, pals, mates - of Brian McFadden are putting his current bout of public-wobbling down to his single coming out a couple of weeks ago. You hadn't heard? That's the problem; even with LeAnn Rimes on board, it spluttered out before making the Top 40.

His latest public-wobble is bursting into tears during a training session for Sky TV's The Match.

The pal has decided that it'd probably do him good to know it's all in the Daily Mirror:

"Bri is just not himself, he's all over the place emotionally, he's really suffering.

"He knew the LeAnn track wouldn't go to No. 1 but it really knocked him sideways that it didn't even make the Top 40.

"He went to pieces at the karaoke. "Everyone was chanting for him to come back but he just lit up a fag.

His hands were shaking terribly."

If people are feeling fragile, constant prodding from newspapers will always help.

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