Friday, October 13, 2006

Daltrey follows in Federline's footsteps

Surely a guest slot on CSI is now less of an honour, what with Kevin Federline having managed to make it over the bar required?

Roger Daltrey isn't bothered, though, as he's going to turn up in a "surprise" role later this season.

A "surprise" role translates, we guess, as "having never seen him act, we're holding off how much we'll give him to say until we can tell if he can string a word together or if he's a little Chegwin."


Kaden said...

Geez...a lot you guys know...

6 or 7 years ago, Ol' Rog had a recurring role in the 'Highlander' TV series (never heard of that one, had you? Like the movie, but cheesier. And weekly) playing one of those 'Immortal' guys.

Remember that whole 'There Can Be Only One' dealie?

Townsend had better watch his deaf ass.

simon h b said...

He also acted in Buddy's Story or Buddy's Song or Buddy's Tale on kids TV, didn't he? But nobody watched that, either.

I think, to be fair, though, I should apologise to Keith Chegwin for taking his name in vain. He was acting the part of a rubbish actor, and as such was really rather good

Ben.H said...

*Ahem* McVicar? Lisztomania? Or he may not even have to string a word together, if the CSI team are investigating the murder of a deaf, dumb and blind pinball player.

simon h b said...

Oh, Ben... surely the point about McVicar is that no matter how bad the crimes depicted were, they could never be worse than the depiction.

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