Friday, October 13, 2006

Old man of Arran prepares to go around and around again

Nik Kershaw is brushing down his snoods and preparing to tramp along the comeback trail, according to, erm the bloke who's done his website:

Neil said working with Nik was a pleasure and that he could not be further from the preening, prima donna pop star stereotype.

"He's just a nice, down to earth guy who cuts the grass and cleans the pump in the pond like everyone else.

"He's definitely not a 'star'. He's just a normal person who happens to make music for a living."

We're not sure if "he cleans the pump in the pond" is a euphemism or not, but we would suggest the reason why Nik doesn't behave like a big hotshot pop star would be something to do with his entry in the the Guiness Book of Hit Singles petering out sometime during the mid-1980s.

Although, to be fair, he did make a record, and it did make him famous, yeah, it made him a star. And he was super fab and groovy, and eyewitnesses reported that he strutted and crowed, but that you never knew where you were with him.

Or what that Howard Jones?

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