Friday, October 13, 2006

Dan Toploader: I'm unreasonable, but not depressing and not paying

Gail Porter's marriage to Dan Hipgrave out of Toploader is over. In court, Hipgrave accepted the marriage had collapsed due to his unreasonable beahviour, but denied the particulars of the claim. Porter had told the High Court:

“I suffer from stress and depression and this has been aggravated by the respondent’s behaviour.”

Hipgrave also refused to pay costs, but since Toploader aren't exactly all the rage right now, maybe that's understandable.


Mecha Godzilla said...

oh for fuck's sake... i'd completely wiped toploader from my mind but now you've put them back... now i've got a bad taste in my head! now i'm depressed :(

simon h b said...

and it's only a short step from that to picturing the Sainsburys advert with Jamie Oliver and his "friends" grooving down to a Dancing In The Moonlight soundtracked barbecue...

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