Thursday, October 12, 2006

Brett Anderson singing between Tears

It's apparently as well as, rather instead of, The Tears, as Brett Anderson prepares his first solo album:

if this endless waiting is frustrating for you ,imagine what it is like for me. i would dearly love to put the record out tomorrow but i know it wouldn't be the right thing to do. i am having trouble staying sane during this period to be honest so please don't imagine i have ever drifted or that i am anything than 1000 % committed. we're trying to carefully lay the right foundations to support and devellop my work so that i can make albums 2, 3 and beyond so please have patience and faith and know that no decisions about anything to do with this are taken lightly.

We're not sure what these decisions are - "can I get away with another song with the word 'gasolene' in it?", probably - but we wish him well.

Plug: Brett slapping his arse in DVD clarity

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