Thursday, October 12, 2006

George's fit at the Butcher dog

You wouldn't expect Boy George - left out of a resurrected Culture Club - to be that thrilled by his replacement. Even if Sam Butcher had been any good, he'd have felt the rough side of George's tongue. And Sam isn't all that good, so Boy isn't kind:

"They're my gay love songs about my boyfriend. He can't sing them, can he?

"To me, the mark of a good band is when someone else can't successfully sing their songs, and he can't sing my songs."

Well, actually, maybe George is being kind. Suggesting it's not Sam's fault he's crap, he's just been dealt a tough act to follow is perhaps generous, especially since anyone who puts their mind to it - from Ronnie Corbett to the Greek woman in The Chain - has been able to put in a successful performance on Culture Club songs.

Butcher, meanwhile, takes the swipe as his blooding:

"I wish George well with his new solo career. I am hurt by George's comments but realises George says terrible things about everybody, including Madonna.

"I am just starting my career so it seems rather cruel to take pot shots at me. Maybe Boy George should keep it for the big boys like Madonna and George Michael."

It's a little rich to be caught slipping on someone's shoes and then complaining when they pinch your feet, isn't it?