Thursday, October 19, 2006

Donkeys stick carrot

Keane are being used as guinea pigs for a doomed attempt to create a new physical format for singles: Island records are offering their next single as a memory stick:

"You just plug it into your PC or Mac and that's it," said Jon Turner, general manager of Island Records, Keane's label. "We're very keen to see people's reactions to it."

Mr Turner sees the device as a one-off chance to test the water with consumers, but said there could be more releases in 2007. "I do see it as a potential format for the future, but I don't think it's going to run down the use of digital services," he said. "It's an interesting experiment."

So, it's a format that has none of the advantages of CD - you need a computer to play the track, you can't just stick it into your car dashboard and hear it - and all the disadvantages - physical, needs to be shifted round the country, resource-hungry, have to be manufactured before the actual demand can be gauged. Yeah, that's going to catch on.


Spence said...

Blimey, can't believe you'd link to a story featuring the wisdom of a certain Me Gennaro Castaldo and not actually quote him. How about this for an earth-shattering revelation:

"Some people will think it's fun, but others will keep buying vinyl, CDs and other formats."

Who'd have thunk it?

Spence said...

ugkubjcfOf course, that should've said 'Mr'. Oops.

eyetie said...

"Some people will think it's fun, but others will keep buying vinyl, CDs and other formats."

Was he talking about memory sticks or bit torrent?

And just how is something that looks like a plastic suppository "fun"? I guess it may depend on where you stick it...

Spence said...

NME's report insists the flash device is free, before adding the price in the last sentence. That makes it all the clearer.

ian said...

I found this article much more satisfying by only reading the words "Keane", "Guinea Pigs", "doomed", "Island" and extrapolating from there.

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