Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oasis complete transformation into old blokes

First, they release a singles compilation.

Then, Oasis allow themselves to be flattered by a special Brit award.

They're getting their prize for reaching middle age more-or-less intact:

BPI Chairman Peter Jamieson said: "Oasis set the standard for many of the young rock bands who are currently enjoying success in the UK charts. As the BRIT Awards goes live for the first time in nearly two decades, it is appropriate that we should honour one of the most exciting live acts the UK has produced."

... but as they couldn't think of anyone exciting, they appear to have decided to go with a reliable plodder instead.

(By the way, Jamieson doesn't mean that the Brits have been mimed for the last 20 years - Chris Evans opening and closing his mouth while a tape plays the words "...nominated again, Miss Annie Lennox", but that the TV coverage is going to go out live. Almost as if it's the hour and a half of prime time telly rather than the opportunity to give gongs to the great and good of the music world which drives the whole event, isn't it?)

Notably, Oasis are meant to be so great but haven't won an actual award since 1996; indeed, for this year's prize show, they refused to turn up because they'd not been judged good enough to even get the chance of a statue. A casual observer might wonder how their contribution has been so outstanding if they've not done anything in a decade worth rewarding.


eyetie said...

Those "this year's best set of middle-aged blokes with a back catalogue which sells massively regardless of what the critics say and gets huge royalties from TV/radio use" awards are just ways of the record industry thanking the people who keep them in jobs by making sure that those few people who still have lots of money and still buy CDs go on walking into HMV to have their wallets raped and pillaged by the latest hackneyed compilation.
Good sentence structure is for the BAs out there...

Anonymous said...

Oasis are the best band of the last 12 years. They have sold the most records in UK history. People buy there stuff, coz they like it, they like it coz they think its good. So if oasis are good enough to have sold more records in the UK than the likes of say the Beatles, Elvis, or Queen, don't you think they deserve an award, i mean even if u think there a pile of turd, can u say you could go out and do that? i dont think so!

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