Monday, October 23, 2006

Dude don't look like a lady

The Daily Record makes McFly at GAY sound more interesting than it actually was:

The last time they played the venue they performed a striptease, now they've decided to dress in girls clothes.

Dougie wore green tights and his pals even applied his make-up for him on the night.

But, Misguided Reveries was there, and clearly there wasn't much attempt at passing:

Cue much bemusement as McFly get on stage and 'drag up' one of their number. He didn't look very good in a green dress, that's for sure.

The photographs suggests this was less finding their inner tran, more some sort of tribute to the Generation Game. (More pictures, should your stomach be stronger than ours, at Seriously? OMG WTF?).