Monday, October 23, 2006

Fresh melons

What would it take to bring Blind Melon back from the dead? (Although, obviously, not the actual dead one.)

Just a joke press release, apparently:

The reunion became a serious idea after Smith sent another former member, guitarist Rogers Smith, a joke e-mail in the form of a press release.

"Brad wrote a fake press release and sent it to me -- it was saying how we were back together and how Travis had brought us together," Stevens told Billboard. "It was the first I'd heard of it. I called Brad and I was like, 'What do you mean? You got the band back together without me?'"

Travis is Travis Warren, who's taking the place of the dead Shannon Hoon on lead vocals.

It would seem to the outside observer that a band which starts booking dates on the strength of a spoof email was looking for an excuse to reform. Let's hope none of their friends ever go to Spain and bring back one of those posters where they print your name on a bull-fighting poster. "Well, this says I'm a matador, so..."

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