Saturday, October 21, 2006

I predict a disappointment

The Kaiser Chiefs seem a little demob happy after having completed their second album, and are setting themselves quite heady targets. Drummer Nick Hodgson has thrown down his gauntlet:

“We were looking at some sales figures of Led Zeppelin. The first one did 8 million in the U.S. alone. The fourth? 23 million! So we're like, 'Yeah! It'd be great to do that, wouldn't it? It'd be great to play massive gigs in America.' Hold on a minute! We've got to sell a hundred million records. If we keep making 'em and you keep buying 'em then we'll get there.”

The Zep, of course, were the archetypal albums band - it's going to be a stress for the Kaisers to sell as many albums when they're clearly more attuned to the singles market.

Seeing as selling however many it is they've managed in the US so far returned the band home looking like they'd spent several years strip-mining in a far flung Soviet prison, we'd imagine selling a hundred million would push them over some sort of edge.

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