Saturday, October 21, 2006

(A nice cup of) T in the park

Oh, good: another large music festival. Unbelievably, the organisers of T in the Park think they've spotted a gap in the market, and plan to launch a festival next year called Connect. The twist?

It's aimed at an older audience:

Geoff Ellis, of DF Concerts, organisers of T in the Park and Ton the Fringe, said: "We have been inspired to launch a new festival next year.

"It'll be much smaller than T in the Park with an older demographic. But it's a new festival for Scotland.

"I wanted to do it this year but we had too much on."

It'll be like any other festival, but bands will find the audience feel the need to hurl bottles of piss at them twice as often.

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Anonymous said...

here we go again, df doing a 'boutique', music led, quality festival.
its like an organic food fair at your local macdonalds

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