Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's like Victoria Newton has second sight

Having rushed off down to Woolworths to buy her day-of-release copy of Robbie Williams Rudebox, Victoria Newton feels like a woman vindicated:

ROBBIE WILLIAMS’ new album Rudebox came out on time yesterday — despite his legal battle with former TAKE THAT manager NIGEL MARTIN SMITH.

As I predicted, Robbie had to remove some lyrics on a track called The 90s which Nigel claimed were defamatory.

It’s hard to spot the gap but there is now a brief instrumental section where the disputed words were.

When, exacvtly, did you predict that Robbie would have to remove the lyrics, Vix? Was it before you published them verbatim, or after you'd had to print a grovelling apology for doing so?

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