Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Victoria Beckham. Crack in the bottom. There's got to be some pun there, but... no, can't see it

I'm sure you'll join with me in holding some sort of ceremony to show Victoria and David Beckham that we feel their pain as minor building works on one of their houses goes awry:

The couple’s plans for lazing in the pool have been sunk by a paperwork blunder over planning permission.

Their dozy architect didn’t present all the documents needed to get a new pool — and they can’t use the current one because of cracks in the bottom of it.

It's far from clear why they don't just seal the cracks in the original pool - perhaps it's not just the "architect" who's a little dozy. Or perhaps they're not that bothered because they own more houses than Rotherham Council.

Victoria Newton has some advice:

It sounds like they should say au revoir to the whole idea.

Erm... you realise that "au revoir" is "until we meet again" and not "goodbye" - I think you mean adieu.

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