Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The King is dead, as Kurt becomes dead king

This is news which should put a spring in Courtney's step: Kurt Cobain has usurped Elvis as top earning showbiz stiff.

Through licensing and other exploitation, Cobain's cold, dead hands have raised some fifty million dollars this year, outstripping Elvis, who could only manage USD45m. Charles Schulz is third, while Lennon and Einstein complete the top five. Yes, Albert Einstein.

What? Of course it's what Kurt would have wanted. And wait until next Christmas, when the Cobain Come As U R range of dolls are launched, complete with exploding head action.


Mikey said...

Most of that list have quite clear revenue streams, based on recordings of works made while they were alive.

Where does Albert Einstein's money come from though? Does he get a royalty every time someone mentions Relativity?

simon h b said...

If you go out with hair all over the place, you have to pay five cents to his estate.

Actually, my understanding is that just as Liverpool John Lennon Airport is money in the bank for the good widow Ono, the Einstein estate rakes off cash from Young Einstein baby education tools. I don't know if they make money from the Yahoo Serious movie of the same name

Mikey said...

Ah. Isee. Where do these guys stand?

simon h b said...

They're fine as far as Einstein's estate goes, but Jane Wiedlin wants a word...

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