Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Madonna chooses top-rated talk show to say how upset she is about all the publicity

The first reports of what Madonna said to Oprah about the adoption are starting to leak out of the Harpo studios ahead of transmission - we're surprised they didn't sequestrate the audience overnight. Madonna, apparently, "fights back the tears" - and, to be fair, since she's such a poor actress, maybe they're genuine tears:

One member of the audience said Madonna was close to breaking down during the interview and added: "She was very upset at all the attention the adoption has brought and when Oprah asked her about allegations that it was a publicity stunt, you could see she was holding back tears but she took a breath and composed herself.

"She said: 'There is nothing I can say to change their minds.' She seemed very sincere and wanted a better life for David."

Well, there are things you could say to change their minds, Madonna. You could explain the camera crew with you. You could also try and square the circle of how you hoped to "raise awareness" if there wasn't meant to be any publicity. You might also explain the thinking behind making the details of your trip to Malawi public if the adoption was meant to be some sort of secret.

Sharon Lynch, 58 - who was at the show - added: "Madonna said she doesn't understand that trying to do something good would cause such a problem."

You can see why she chose Oprah rather than, say, a interviewer; judging by the reports coming out ahead of TX, it's a slick piece of "why is everybody picking on me" manipulation.

What's unforgiveable, though, is that she starts to trash the character of Yohane, David's dad:

The star, who lives in a £5.7million mansion near Marble Arch with husband Guy Ritchie, 38, and children Rocco, six, and 10-year-old Lourdes, told the audience baby David was just two weeks old when he was dumped in an orphanage after his mum died.

And she insisted Yohane's claims that he used to cycle 25 miles a day to see her were not true. In fact, Madonna added, the baby did not have one family visitor the whole time he was there.

Way to go, Madonna - call a poor, illiterate father a liar on international TV. Presumably that's fair as he could do a slot on Larry King to counter that. And we really hope that the phrase "dumped in an orphanage" has come from the journalist and isn't a direct quote.

If Madonna really cared more about David than her reputation, if this wasn't just about trying to turn around a publicity stunt gone tits-up, would she really - considering in a few years it's likely David will watch tapes of this show - have stood in front of millions and called his natural father a liar who didn't care about him?

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