Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Through the Mills again

If yesterday's announcement of plans to sue the Sun, Daily Mail and Evening Standard were supposed to calm down the coverage of the Mills-McCartney divorce, Heather's plan hasn't worked.

In fact, it's backfired rather terribly. This morning The Sun reacts by reviving the Mucca nickname (just when it seemed like they'd accepted that was going nowhere), pointing out that it doesn't actually know what she's objecting to, and creating a crossover with the popular Pete Doherty saga by dragging Kate Moss into the story:

At one point in the papers, one-legged Heather said she had to crawl to the toilet at night without her false limb on because ex-Beatle Paul, 64, objected to her using a bedpan in their bedroom.

A friend of Kate said: “Kate reassured Stella that she knew Heather was a liar because she had seen her hopping around.

“She said she was ‘jumping around like a fucking gazelle’ and is prepared to swear to it, in court if necessary.”

Kate added that Heather is “extremely athletic” and “not the sort of person to crawl anywhere”.

The pal added: “Kate has met Heather and has seen her with the prosthetic limb on and off. She’s now been telling everyone what a scheming liar Heather is.”

We're sure Heather's lawyers will be delighted to call Kate Moss, because it's not like Paul's lawyers would be able to trash her in court, is it?

The paper then lists "six lies" which it reckons proves she has no reputation to defend. Although a couple of these (" Her first husband Alfie Karmal has branded her a compulsive liar who left him for a ski instructor called Milos.") aren't actually proven lies in the strict sense of the word.

The Mail - whose legal team are slightly more cautious - chooses to focus instead on the threats of Paul McCartney to tour again to "fund the divorce."

Paul, even your dead mate John manages to generate twenty-one million dollars every year - it's not like you're actually near qualifying for legal aid yet, is it?

The most curious question about the lawsuits is why Mills has chosen the papers she has: earlier in the year, she said she was going to sue the News of the World over the hooker allegations as soon as she got a chance. And yet, now she's apparently found the time for legal action, it's not the NOTW which is apparently awaiting a petition.

Meanwhile, the search for who leaked the divorce papers which accused McCartney of being a bedpan stealing satan goes on. They've traced the original fax to a newsagent which is equidistant between his solicitors and hers. So, it could have come from the either side.

On the other hand, that it came from a newsagents could be significant. After all, who benefits from all these extra paper sales?

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