Thursday, October 19, 2006

Madonna and somebody else's child

Now, there was some talk amongst naysayers and doom-mongers, liberals, bloggers, and snipers when Madonna adopted the orphan in no way differently from anyone else at all, that perhaps Madonna might not be the closest, loving mother in the world. Today's Sun will make those people print out their words and eat them in some way:

Back in Britain Madonna, 48, sent an assistant on a clothes shopping spree for Davie — demanding video footage on her mobile so she could check the outfits herself.

See? You can't be more involved in a child's upbringing than watching someone buy clothes for him on a small screen, can you?

The singer is being helped in her new role as a mum of three by her trusted aid Shavawn Gordon. The American was snapped carrying Davie off the flight to Heathrow.

A source said: “Madge had a heart-to-heart with her before flying to Africa. She told Shavawn she wanted her to be like a second mum.”

See? You think Madonna is distant and uninvolved - but, clearly, she briefed the staff member she was passing the kid off onto for a five hour-flight. Doubtless there'll be some bloggers whining that Madonna didn't put together a powerpoint presentation for the briefing, or failed to have someone rustle up some handouts, but there is such a thing as smothering a kid, isn't there?

You'll note that Gordon has been nominated as "a second mum" for Dave. So, with his birth Mother, what clearer signal could Madonna send out that she seriously does think of herself as possibly third or fourth in the stream of mothers Dave suddenly finds himself with? Maybe sixth, when Cookie is on dutie.


Anonymous said...

The woman can't win. Do you honestly think Madge should pop lil' David in a pram and wander off down to the local shops to do some clothes shopping when half of London is parked outside her house with a camera in tow?

Or better yet - did you honestly expect she'd be able to meet the child at the airport and grab a taxi for a quiet ride home in the circumstances? Maybe picking up some ice cream on the way?

simon h b said...

But this is exactly the point - because of who she is, it makes everything different and makes it twice as important that the proper procedures get followed.

Wouldn't it have been better for Madonna to have spent a few days getting to know David in Malawi before flying back, so that David could get used to his new mum?

What was more important than bonding with this child that she had to fly back to London?

Wouldn't it have been motherly to accompany David on his first long journey? His first plane ride? Why didn't she? To save the kid being papped at the airport?

Only that didn't work, did it? The kid was all over the papers. With all her money - the money she's supposedly lavishing on David, she could have chartered a private jet and flown to an airport without a permanent press presence.

And if it's impossible for Madonna to go to the shops with her new child, what sort of childhood is that kid going to have?

Yes, better than a malawian orphanage. Maybe even one which, on balance, would be better for him. But this fast-track adoption hasn't given anyone time to consider that.

A woman who can afford to persuade a government to ignore its adoption procedures can afford to take a child to a quiet place for a few days bonding. That she didn't bother suggests either a lack of imagination, or a lack of consideration.

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