Friday, October 20, 2006

NME places foot on new territory, stumbles

It's awkward to take a title from one territory to another - you have to convince a local audience that you're not distant, that you really understand their lives and likes.

Blogorrah reports that the first Irish NME might have fallen short of doing that:

A band described as the 'biggest' new act in the country on music magazine NME's first Irish front cover has only sold around 500 albums... NME claims Humanzi's success has stopped Dublin in its tracks [...] Its praise is completely at odds with the verdict of one critic, Jim Carroll, who recently described the band's debut album Tremors as "the most expensive and embarrassing flop of 2006".

Well, at least they didn't put Bono on the cover.

[Thanks to Aaron Scullion for the link]