Friday, October 20, 2006

Chemical reactions

Don't call us emo, wail emo band My Chemical Romance:

“We’ve been tagged as doom and gloom or a goth band but we’re none of those. We’re actually a very hopeful and celebratory band and very much about empowerment."

So, not all about death and gloom then? Erm...

“When death comes for you — we believe it comes in the form of your strongest memory and for The Patient, this was a marching band — The Black Parade.

“Death is something we as a band faced head on. When mine and Mikey’s grandmother died, we began to look at death and the after-effects.

“She had been very instrumental in this band as not only was she responsible for my singing career, she was our biggest supporter.”

Death and "it's after-effects", eh? We're not entirely certain, but we had been led to believe that the after-effect of dying is, pretty much, remaining dead, with some side mouldering going on.