Friday, October 20, 2006

When MTV stopped sending the money, I knew it was over

Jessica Simpson seems to be suggesting that God gave her the okay to break her contract with Nick Lachey:

"I went there on our three-year wedding anniversary. He stayed home. On that day, everything became so clear.

"I was in hospitals with all these sick kids, and I was looking at the beauty of this whole different world. I just knew I needed to find something more in my life - on my own.

"I prayed, then looked up at the sky, and I'd never seen this before - it was a double rainbow. It was the most gorgeous thing ever.

"From that moment on, I've listened to JUDY GARLAND'S SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW every single day."

Appropriate, since she was married to a munchkin.

Jessica was, as you can tell, talking at a charity event designed to help children with facial deformities.

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