Friday, October 20, 2006

Rome was where we saw the yellow dog

Perhaps the oddest music story in the papers this morning is the Bizarre report as Pete Doherty and Kate Moss head off for Babyshambles gigs in Florence:

The loved-up couple were flying to the Italian city of Florence — setting of romantic film A Room With A View — where Pete has three gigs with his band BABYSHAMBLES.

We now have this picture of the Sun audience sitting around having the story read to them:

- Hang about... what or who is this Florence? I've never heard of it
- You remember, it was in that adaptation of the EM Forster novel you love so much
- Oh, that Florence...

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ian said...

Apparently Pete thought he was going to see the girl in the magic roundabout. And the yellow dog was Dougal.

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