Friday, October 13, 2006

Oliver Reed, George Best and Amy Winehouse

We can't help but wondering if someone is overplaying the story of Amy Winehouse's "relaxed" appearance at the taping of the Charlotte Church show. After all, how else can you hope to try and ensure an audience for the slightly dull pairing of Winehouse and Keith Allen unless you hold out the prospect of one of them being a bit the worse for wear:

Amy began slurring her words and stumbling through a short piece to camera. "Amy was having real trouble reading the autocue and it soon became clear that something was seriously up," our studio spy tells us. "It was a bit of a car-crash moment.

"She was also shoving her head into camera shots with other guests and didn't seem to have a clue what was going on."

But things got even worse when Amy was asked to duet with Charlotte for the show's finale. "The plan was to do Michael Jackson's Beat It but Amy kept forgetting the words," says our insider.

"In the end, they had to do three takes. Charlotte was a real pro but even her patience was wearing thin."

Not a whole three takes? Goodness, that must have felt like an eternity.

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