Sunday, October 22, 2006

RIAA member adopts flexible attitude to law and order

Of course, Universals' Def Jam haven't broken any laws by bringing forward Fabolous' album a couple of months to capitalise on the rapper's recent arrest following a shooting incident (he was the victim) and subsequent discovery of guns in his car (he claims he was as surprised as the cops were).

But it does look a little grubby for one the RIAA's major players - who care so much about the law when it's being broken by filesharers - to be capitalising on possible criminal charges and using them to market records. You might wonder how an industry that has the ear of Congress (and their other, softer parts) would justify turning a police investigation into a sales campaign: apart from anything, the message 'get caught with weapons, become a priority artists' seems a little, well, confused from such paragons.

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