Sunday, October 22, 2006

Roger: Wilco and out cold

Wilco seem like such a quiet bunch, but it turns out if you upset them, you'd better look out.

Jeff Tweedy has punched a fan who jumped him during a show. Pitchfork readers took up the story:

"So some dude jumps on the stage," the reader claims. "After he gets on stage (who really does this at a Wilco show?), he runs up to Tweedy to give him a fat smooch on his cheek.

"Tweedy freaks out like the [a character in There's] Something About Mary who doesn't like having his ears touched and grabs the dude by his throat. While clinching to his throat, Jeff hauls off and decks him with a punch/open hand slap/shove to the face and [the] dude skirmishes away. Tweedy later apologizes (sort of) and hurries to the point of the set where they bow out before the encore."

Another show attendee e-mailed us, adding, "Tweedy had to comment. 'I mean, come on guys, we aren't used to that! You guys have to stay down there."

Apparently, the venue at Springfield wasn't used to throwing gigs, and so security might have been a bit lacking.

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spfdmama said...

I was there at the front of the stage--the idiot climbed onto my friend (who was in a wheelchair) and then slipped up by me and jumped on the stage. He climbed on a disabled girl. Sick.

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