Thursday, October 26, 2006

Robbie Williams is not like a racehorse

Meet Frances Ingram. She's just placed a couple of bets on herself - £40 at 100-1 that she'll go on a date with date with Robbie Williams, and a tenner at 1,000-1 that she'll wind up the first Mrs. Williams.

Placing a bet on marrying Robbie Williams? We thought bookies always turned down bets on events with tragic outcomes. Still, if you were setting up a new life with him, it'd be handy to be able to nip down to William Hills on the wedding day and pick up an extra ten grand to add to the family funds.

Why is Ms Ingram so sure she'll end up sharing Robbie's marital bed? Because she's got all the pictures and a scrapbook and everything:

“I am his greatest fan. I adore him and I’ve got all his CDs and loads of pictures of him.

“We have a lot in common, because like me he’s around the same age and has no children.”

And, of course, they both really, really love Robbie Williams.

William Hill are generous as they pocket the cash:

“We know Robbie’s a great sport and I think there is a great chance we will get stung.”

This is, of course, in no way like our local bookie Fatmouth Stanley, who will always try to look worried when he takes our money: "ooh... not a tenner on Streaky Bacon? I reckon that could be expensive for me, even though he's been dead all these years... he's in with a chance."

Judging by Frances' chat-up technique, they've nothing to worry about:

"[I saw him once and] I gave him a V sign and he laughed his head off."

That's hardly a step towards champagne and a starlit horseride through the streets, is it?

It's unknown if William Hill will insist on evidence that the marriage is consumated before they pay out, but judging by the odds, they're not expecting it.

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eyetie said...

Robbie Williams as the next Gary Numan? Given the rumours around his sexuality, those are some short odds.

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