Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Sun: First with the news

Brace yourself for an exclusive insight into the life of Pete Doherty from this morning's newspapers:

[B]ehind the scenes, experts are said to believe the wayward singer is still a hopeless drug addict whose attempts at rehab have been merely a farce.

They feel he will only make a genuine effort to quit drugs if he is treated with a rod of iron.

Blimey. Do you really think?


acb said...

Apparently in Russia they have a drug-addiction rehab programme where they actually do use a rod of iron. The patients are chained to beds and, when the withdrawal kicks in and they start complaining, they are beaten until they shut up.

Perhaps Five or SkyOne could stump up the fees for sending Pete there, in return for the filming rights?

Raffles said...

Fuck it. Give me a fiver and I'll do it myself in my shed. I'll even sell the video rights to the lowest bidder and get him to write a fake diary before he leaves, so I can make some cash off the thing. Overheads need paying.

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