Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rod snapped

While I'm sure the news that Rod Stewart has decided he's going to stop producing heirs - just one more, he promises - I could have done without waking up to the full vasectomy plans:

“We are going to have one more after we are married next year.

“Then the railroad station will be closed permanently with no ingoing or outgoing traffic.

“After that, I expect I’ll line up for the big snip. My snip day might be declared a national holiday and even be televised.”

The thought of Rod's bits bobbing about on a twenty-six inch screen - covered in blood or not - almost makes us glad Sky have screwed up our digibox.


Anonymous said...

“Then the railroad station will be closed permanently with no ingoing or outgoing traffic"

I'm sure Rod's wife is relieved that Rod will no longer be inserting small children into her vagina.

Anonymous said...

Surely the clearer implication is that sperm will pass in neither direction along Rod's urethra. (I write this as a frequent listener to "You're In My Heart" and "The Killing Of Georgie [Pts 1 & 2]".)

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I suspect the build up of sperm will cause Stewart's bottom to swell up, as predicted bny Kenny Everett many years ago

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