Saturday, October 14, 2006

Usher out

Usher's Broadway debut has proven to be an "oh, it's not so easy" moment, with him quitting the cast of Chicago early, claiming a bad throat. He's sorry, though:

Usher's manager, Jonnetta Patton, said he had enjoyed his time in the show.

"Usher has had an amazing time on Broadway and loved every minute of performing on stage with the entire cast of Chicago," she said.

"He expresses his sincere apologies to all of his fans who purchased tickets to see him in Chicago this final week and appreciates all of their love and support," added Ms Patton.

Luckily, most people go to see Chicago to see whoever's wearing the fishnets, so there's not that many people going to be disappointed. And a lot of the Broadway audience couldn't tell Usher from Understudy anyway.