Sunday, October 15, 2006

This week just gone

Some call it No Rock, and this was the week:

Ten most-ordered individual pages:

1. KT Tunstall wears rainbow braces... does that mean something?
2. Purplemelon want Heather Mills nude
3. ... but calendar makers get there first
4. McFly remove their boxers
5. Heather Mills old porn pics
6. Robbie Williams has sex with lady, claims lady
7. Madonna buys African baby
8. Justin Timberlake quits music
9. Lily Allen gets naked on the way to France
10. Yo La Tengo announce tour dates

Good lord, that one at number ten is probably more typical of No Rock than the rest of the chart put together. How did that get in?

You can read the whole week on one page, or
browse the week before in a single post.

The big event this week - although 'big' is pushing it - was the live music awards, or possibly the Malawian adoption charity objecting to authorities rolling over and replacing the usual two-year residency rule with an "or a couple of days if you're Madonna" rider.

Looking for a gift for to say "congratulations on a successful nuclear test"? Look no further:

He used to want to plant bombs at the Last Night of the Proms/ but now, you'll find him, in the Tescos, with a box set/ mopping up half his career...

Canadian folk playing Canadian folk

After Galaxie 500, there was Luna, and this was them

John Peel's memory seems to have become the 'Shine' compilation brand for the 21st century

Bunnymen go live in Shepherds Bush - only it's from 2005 and not 1986

30 years of misery: Lou Reed's Coney Island Baby hits another decade

Electric Six - like the Scissor Sisters without the one joke - are still going...

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