Wednesday, November 08, 2006

U2 make plea for Guantanamo

Interesting to see Bono and the boys launching their postponed Australian tour with a call for Australian Guantanamo detainee David Hicks to be sent home "and to be tried fairly."

All good for the image of Bono as the international conscience of rock. Of course, you might wonder, if he's so concerned about the not-actually-legal nature of detention in Guantanamo, he didn't mention it to his mate George Bush when he had one of his periodic meetings with him - you know, the ones where he comes away telling everyone how "passionate and sincere" Bush is? He could have asked Bush to provide proper trials for all the men held down in Cuba, or to release them if they have no evidence against them; or to treat them under the Geneva Convention if they're really "enemy combatants". Oddly, though, he elects to wait until he's halfway through a gig in Australia to mention it.

Funny, that.

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