Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fire leaks

Due to a slip of the mouse (we're not going to point the finger at too much eggnog, but... well, it is Christmas, isn't it), The Arcade Fire managed to muff their charity single. Double muff, in fact, as their label stuck up the wrong song at the wrong time:

"Intervention" was supposed to be uploaded to iTunes as a charity single benefitting Partners In Health on the 28th of December, but someone at Merge uploaded the wrong song 2 days too early ... The song that people have downloaded from the US side of iTunes is called "Black Wave/Bad Vibrations," and it is the next track on the record after "Intervention." I guess it is sort of charming that we can send the wrong song to the whole world with a click of a mouse...oh well. The real "Intervention" will be up soon, and there will be a paypal link up on for those who have downloaded the songs without paying but still want to give some money to

Still... it could have been worse. They might have really screwed up and sent it to the Zune store.


eyetie said...

"They might have really screwed up and sent it to the Zune store."

That would have been a good move as no-one would have noticed. As they say, surgeons can bury their mistakes while musicians have to pray that their tricky second albums were only released to the Zune store.

Anonymous said...

the video for black wave/bad vibrations is at youtube.

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