Thursday, December 28, 2006

Maybe Paul was dead, all along

We're a little puzzled. There's much excitement over the soon-coming Beatles stamps, which feature a variety of Beatles record sleeves. (Not, sadly, the butchered babies one.)

However, our understanding of the rules for stamps is that the only living people allowed to appear on Royal Mail stamps are royals. So... is Paul McCartney actually dead? And is Ringo a secret son of the Duke of Edinburgh?


Tim Footman said...

They've relaxed the rules. They accidentally included Roger Taylor in the background of the Freddie Mercury stamp, and when the world failed to stop turning as a result, they decided that the "dead or inbred" rule was possibly a bit past its sell-by date.

simon h b said...

But it was only Roger Taylor's arm or something, wasn't it?

And I can't think of a single person with a job who has appeared since - even the TV comics were all dead...

Anonymous said...

I'm no stamp afficionado (shame) but I heard that the 2003 England Rugby team who won the world cup were also featured alive and well.

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