Monday, January 15, 2007

After reality TV, for Matt Willis, cold hard reality

Who knew that going on I'm A Celebrity wouldn't revitalise your career? After all, it worked for Tony Blackburn. Oh, no it didn't, did it; he's back at Radio London. But Kerry Katona did alright for herself, following the victory to... oh, running a cab firm in Warrington. Carol Thatcher? Um. Joe Pasquale, we concede, did get a chance to run yet another revival of The Price Is Right into the ground, so his career upswing was the closest without going overboard.

Now, Matt Willis is belatedly realising that eating ants and having rats put into your shorts doesn't exactly help flogging records as his single comes to a grinding halt at 66:

"I may have won the show, but nobody cares about my music… all they want to know about is what it’s like to eat kangaroo anus!"

We're not sure if that was a challenge on the programme, or something the rest of Busted used to do to try and keep Charlie in the band. Of course, had Matt not taken part in the show, still nobody would care about his music, so it's not like he's gone backwards.


Anonymous said...

Matt Willis is an amazing singer and song writer. his album, including all of his singles, are really good. if people give him a chance, they would appreciate his music.

Anonymous said...

Matt Willis is gorgous, and has a lot of talent. what is wrong with tryin to do something to boost your career? he didnt lie about his reasons for doin 'im a celebrity...' all three singles deserved to be number one. i think matt willis could go a long way, if people give him a chance.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why so many people have a problem with Matt. He's a great singer, he's hot and has a huge level of charisma when on stage. He looks and sounds the part and his tour was great. Take a chance to listen to his music and you'll see what I mean.

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