Monday, January 15, 2007

Kelly Osbourne confuses "opportunity" with "problem"

Why did Kelly Osbourne's second album Sleeping In The Nothing follow the first one, Shut Up, into that great machine which recycles CDs into wellington boots?

Kelly thinks its because she's Ozzy's daughter:

"It's harder for me because people always think, 'Oh, she's Ozzy Osbourne's daughter - everything just gets handed to her.' To get the respect of one person I've got to work twice as hard. "I'm really proud of my second album, I still think it's great. People didn't give it a chance. If it was released by someone else I think people would have loved it."

Actually, Kelly, you don't have to be twice as good as anyone else - to gain respect, you just have to be any good. It might be that being Ozzy's daughter has thrown light onto you that otherwise wouldn't have been there, but that's been to your advantage. Do you seriously believe that a young woman from a baker's family would have got the chance to make the hugely-promoted first album in the current climate, much less be given the green light for a second go?

And if being Ozzy's daughter is such a severe handicap, how come you made a record with him? A record which, if we recall, is one of only two you've appeared on that has sold in large quantities. The other - Papa Don't Preach - would also appear to have been trading heavily on your status as "daughter of the more famous..."

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