Monday, January 22, 2007

And mother makes three... or is it four?

Lembit Opik's plans to appear on Wogan Now and Then (But Mostly Then) have been spiked by senior Liberal Democrats desperate to try and retain some of their party's dignity - doubtless they wouldn't have minded if Tel had been planning to ask Lembit about the abandonment of the income tax rise commitment, or the idea about making supermarkets include housing on their developments. But UK TV was more interested in asking Lembit about his girlfriend, Gabriela Irimia, and wanted the pair of them.

If the Libs had their wits about them, they'd find the Cheeky Girl a seat in the House of Lords and make her spokesperson on something, but instead, they said no.

The Cheeky Girls' manager, and mother, Margit, was not pleased, either.