Monday, January 22, 2007

James Morrison: The horror of being caught with the common folk

Poor old James Morrison - as if having to use the hand-me-down name of someone famous wasn't bad enough, he's seen barely a penny from his album. He's been told that the royalties "take two years to come through" - we imagine that Paul McCartney isn't told that - and the poor lamb is having to suffer so in the meanwhile:

"I went on holiday at Christmas but flew economy. I had a nightmare because the woman behind me was claustrophobic and wouldn't let me recline my seat! I can't wait to go first class."

Not economy... oh, the ignominy of travelling with the rest of us up the back. Just a quick note, though, James: only the very selfish recline their seats in coach. There just isn't the room with the way the chairs are packed up in the back now. Putting your seat back marks you out as being of a piece with Homer Simpson in hospital: "bed goes down... bed goes up... bed goes down..."