Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bono fears a "generation of cynics"

Yeah, Bono. Whatever.

Bono has popped up, as expected, hanging out with the other multi-millionaires at Davos - a bit of business here, round of golf there, quick speech and then lunch. He was mainly there, of course, to "put pressure" on the politicians to ensure they kept the already piss-weak promises he and Geldof let them get away with at Gleneagles.

Apparently, Bono thought a matey photo-op and a bit of joking about with Tony Blair would be the best way to draw attention to the failure to follow-through:

GUITAR-loving Mr Blair, set to step down this year, got excited as Bono said: “Let’s start a band when you leave.” The PM, who played in student band Ugly Rumours, said: “I thought great, at last!” But Bono added: “You know, to save Africa — we can be a band.”


Bono is worried that if things don't carry on looking like they're being done, it might breed a "generation of cynics". And you know why he's worried - imagine if a generation of cynics turned up outside Davos demanding real change. That could really put him off his golf-swing.

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